The Original Christmas Tree Box was designed by Peter Turner during a family Christmas in 2012. While looking at his tree, he recognized the need for an attractive and uncomplicated way to cover and decorate his clunky, old and mechanical-looking Christmas tree stand. Gazing at the tree, admiring the beautifully wrapped presents under and around it... the “box” idea came to him. Bingo! Complementing the variety of holiday decorative traditions and tree skirts, while maintaining time-honored traditions, hand made “prototypes” were created in the Turner living room. The clever and simple idea for a "Christmas tree box” was born.

The ongoing design process has prioritized the importance of the box in “blending in” and “anchoring” with traditional Christmas motifs, themes and decorative styles. A most practical and functional product, it’s also a decorative wonder looks just like a present under the Christmas tree.

A new and unique product, The Original Christmas Tree Box is patented in the USA, Canada and Europe. Innovative and functional in design, strong metal button closures and magnets allow for quick and firm assembly, easy tree watering and handy storage. It is made in 12“, 16”, 20“ and 24” sizes. Many designs, finishes and materials including paper, natural and man-made fabrics, metallic and eco-friendly materials are available.


The Original Christmas Tree Box is a wholly owned subsidiary of PKDouglass Inc., a well known seasonal importer/distributor in Toronto, Canada. Founded in 1929, PKDouglass has supplied North American retailers with Christmas and seasonal products for over 80 years.


~ DESIGNED - for artificial and fresh-cut trees from 3 to 10 feet
~ ASSEMBLES IN MINUTES - no tools needed. Snap Button closure with magnets
~ EASY WATERING - opens for easy access and recloses quickly
~ FOLDS FLAT - for year-round storage and low-cost shipping
~ REUSABLE - durable, coated paperboard is water-resistant and lasts for years
~ TREE SKIRT FRIENDLY - works perfectly on your tree skirt... or without one
~ CUSTOM WORK - Over 80 years in Christmas manufacturing makes us experts
~ FOUR SIZES - 12x12x6, 16x16x9, 20x20x11, 24x24x12. Fits trees 3 to 10 feet
~ ASSORTED MATERIALS, COLORS AND DESIGNS - the choices are good ones